Thursday, 24 May 2012

Health Insurance Cover for A Better Living

‘Blueprint for a better living’ – this is what L & T Insurance assures amid the health insurance companies in India. This company’s my:health Medisure Prime Insurance has been voted as the top general insurance product in India, as was based on a survey by Nielsen conducted on over 30,000 people. It is not only accident insurance but also a range of other policies that L & T offers.

Almost all health insurance companies in India have on offer numerous health policies with differences noticed in premium, sum insured, and benefits covered. You will find a marked difference with L & T health insurance. Here is a list of the policies offered:
•    my:health Medisure Prime Insurance
•    my: health Personal Accident insurance
•    my: jeevika Personal Accident Micro Insurance
•    my:jeevika Cash@hospital Micro Insurance.

So, what all benefits can you expect to avail with my: jeevika Personal Accident Micro Insurance? You can get rid of immense financial instability and insecurity. Benefits covered include accidental death, permanent total and absolute disablement disabling the Insured Person from engaging in any employment or occupation of any description whatsoever, and permanent total disability. You can get more details about this accident insurance policy at   

Insurance Cover For Corporate Organizations

You will hardly come across corporates, especially big companies that are not insured with corporate insurance. It is protection of business and employees that happens with this insurance cover. When we speak about safeguard of employees with corporate insurance, the scope includes cover against personal accidents, sickness for all employees. In terms of business it is trading, manufacturing units, machineries, service properties, etc. that are insured.

Which are the top insurance companies in India? TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz, L & T Insurance, ICICI Lombard, Reliance, Future Generali, Apollo DKV, Iffco Tokio, Cholamandalam – these and more companies are riding herd in various segments. But not all insurance companies in India provide corporate insurance.

Here are few of the corporate insurance policies offered by L & T Insurance:
•    Standard Fire & Special Perils Insurance
•    Machinery Breakdown Insurance
•    Electronic Equipment Insurance
•    Contractors All Risk Insurance
•    Erection All Risk Insurance
•    Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance.

For detailed information about the aforesaid policies, you may either visit or dial 1800-209-5846 (1800-209-LTIN) (toll free) or dial the branch office number in your city. Alternatively, to let the company executives get in touch with you, you may send SMS LTI <your name> to 5607058 (56070LT).

Thursday, 26 April 2012

L&T Health Insurance in India

Medical insurance is rapidly becoming a necessity in urban and rural areas alike. The skyrocketing hospital charges have made Health insurance India companies come up with attractive medical insurance plans for everyone, salaried and business persons. L&T too has an array of medical insurance plans which would make you smile with an assurance of happy times ahead. Worth mentioning are my:health Medisure Prime Insurance, my:jeevika Cash@hospital Micro Insurance, my:health Personal Accident Insurance plan, and my: jeevika Personal Accident Micro Insurance plans. my:health Medisure Prime Insurance plan is a unique medical insurance plan with innovative benefits for the insured. One of the key benefits is that you pay according to your zone, so in case the medical costs in your city are low, then the premiums too are rated lower. In case any critical illness is diagnosed then this medical insurance plan provides double Sum Insured. Maternity and new born’s medical expenses too are covered up to the limit of sum insured. In case of any accident or mishap, the sum insured gets reinstated in case of hospitalisation. All these and more benefits can be availed with L&T health insurance India. So hasten and get insured today and enjoy a tension-free life.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Accident Insurance – Happiness Guaranteed

It is always advisable to be prepared for the worst and accident insurance is one way to be prepared for the uncertainties of our speeding lives. Amongst all the health insurance plans, accident insurance is one of the most vital ones. Accidents not only push one and one’s family into emotional turmoil but also into economical disturbance. Health insurance plans cannot buy us emotional assurance but financial insurance, yes. L&T health insurance plans are one of the safest ways to secure our family’s wellbeing in the worst of times.
L&T’s my:health Personal Accident Insurance plan is a comprehensive insurance plan which ensures that you and your family are financially secure, after an untoward event. Under this plan, the family of the insured gets compensation for a physical loss (death or disablement) caused in an accidental injury. With every renewal for every claim free year, your ‘sum insured’ increases by 5%, subject to a maximum of 50% of your sum insured. Amongst other health insurance plans, L&T insurance offers my: jeevika Personal Accident Micro Insurance, my:health Medisure Prime Insurance, my:jeevika Cash@hospital Micro Insurance, each with different benefits, different conditions. In short, the health insurance plans help reducing financial burden during adverse times.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Buy Health Insurance – Reap Benefits For Life

Accident and illness come uninvited as unwelcome guests. Nevertheless these enter our lives without knocking leaving us helplessly dealing with the sky-rocketing hospital expenses. That is when one thinks best of the health insurance plans. But smart is the one who keeps personal accident insurance and health insurance as the door keeper. Without them, dealing with the health risks and accident’s consequences can be exasperating. Your hard-earned savings can go for a toss and so can the financial state of the family. L&T Insurance has numerous health insurance plans which well befit your healthcare needs. With a bounty of health insurance plans available, you can catch hold of one suited to your pocket and safeguard yourself and your family against accidents and health risks.

Lower premiums, innumerable benefits and a tension free life is what the best personal accident insurance sounds like. A little premium today can save you from huge financial damages and can also ensure you get immediate financial help in emergencies. There is a little difference between health insurance plans and personal accident insurance, mostly in terms of benefits covered. Generally, personal accident insurance protects you against death and disability whereas health insurance guards against regular medical needs.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Manage Risks with Corporate Insurance

Risks are undoubtedly an inseparable part of life. But when something as valuable as life-long savings or hard-earned assets are on stake, it is always better to stay armed with a guarding cover of insurance. A corporate insurance is a must to keep your business and employees up and going against all possible odds and risks. Various insurance companies in India offer a wide range of insurance plans well suited as per the requisite demands and requirements. L&T insurance is one of the insurance companies in India which offers a bounty of covers suited to face all types of businesses and corporate perils.

Corporate insurance is meant to minimize damage and loss in case of unanticipated circumstances namely weather disasters, thefts, machinery breakdowns, etc. With an appropriate insurance cover in place, you can protect not only the human resources but also the business assets against any unwanted inconveniences. With the competitive strides amongst insurance companies in India, getting innovative and well suited insurance is a cakewalk. L&T’s meticulously designed corporate insurance plans can land you great deals which guarantee to safeguard your business and employees in the most unfavourable conditions. So why wait for worse, take a step ahead of time and get insured.

Monday, 16 January 2012

L & T Health Insurance And Corporate Insurance

Do you think critical illnesses are covered in policies by all health insurance companies in India? It is a big no! It is disappointing that with your health insurance card, you still don’t get the cover you require the most! Cancer, first heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant – treatment expenses for pre-existing diseases get covered from the 3rd year of your health insurance policy after 24 months of continuous cover. This benefit is provided by only L & T Insurance. Amid the health insurance companies in India, L & T will no doubt satisfy you on many aspects. Before you buy a policy from this company do have a look at the list of network hospitals in your area. You will certainly not want to travel long distance in case of an emergency!

Few health insurance companies in India also provide corporate insurance policies. When it comes to comprehensive policies, L & T is worth mentioning. This company offers numerous corporate insurance policies to the insured’s advantage. Fire & Special Perils Insurance, Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Electronic Equipment Insurance, Contractors All Risk Insurance, Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance, and Erection All Risk Insurance are few of its corporate insurance policies worth mentioning.